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What is Daily Auto Sales?

Daily Auto Sales is an online community focused on selling autos (cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs) for prices way below you could ever pay at a dealership.  We offer lower prices than dealerships because of our unique model of selling large quantities of vehicles all at once all from one place.  We don’t buy and hold inventory for 180-360 days like most dealers do.  Hence we don’t pay interest on our inventory.  We don’t have huge palace structures or taj mahal dealerships that add thousands to your vehicle’s price.  We don’t have enormous advertising budgets.  We rely on our member and partner sites to spread the word about our unique offers.  So shout it out.  Daily Auto Sales dot Com.

One per Day?

Yes.  One real item per day.  One Main deal.  That is all.  You may be able to get different colors.  Maybe different options.  But probably not.  Look at the offer and you will see.  We are able to offer the prices we offer because we only sell one type of vehicle per day.  And we sell a lot of them for really cheap.

Sold Out?

If you don’t see an item, it’s sold out.  Sorry.  Try again later or check out our community boards.

I missed yesterday's item, can I still get one?

No. One per day.  We may be able to email your request to our sponsors that can fill your order on special request.  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you absolutely must have one or something different than we are selling right now.

Who can buy?

Anyone can buy however our new vehicles are not available for export.  All vehicles will be titled in the contiguous United States and sales tax must be paid.  If you live in a state that likes clean air, read carefully to see if the vehicle you purchase is available to be registered in your state.  Usually, there will be a separate option for your clean air state.  It will be clearly listed in the item description or attributes, but it is your responsibility to look.

What’s coming next?

It’s a huge secret.  Your input is valued since you are the customer.  I guess.  Tell us what you want.  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I want to talk to a live person there, can I call you?

No. We will call you after you buy to complete your transaction.  We provide quality vehicles for the lowest price.  We can’t be bothered paying all that money for call centers in India.

Will I receive customer support like I'm used to?

No. Does anyone really help you anyway?  See above.  No call centers in India.  This is a low budget operation selling thousands of vehicles per year.  Psych, but for reals.  No really, we’re kidding.  Well, kinda.  You can talk to someone after you buy.  In fact, you have to.  Usually.  Until you buy, everything is straightforward.  Behave yourself in the community.  What you see is what you get.  Products are clearly described.  All purchases are made per terms of service.  Hence, keep reading if you dare.  See below for how it works once you purchase.

How do I return a defective product?

It depends on what you buy.  If it’s a part or accessory, we’ll tell you who to contact when your item ships.  If it’s a vehicle, all sales are final.  We will make sure that when the vehicle leaves our warehouse, it is in tip top shape, mechanically and cosmetically.  On new vehicles, all warranty issues and recalls (like never) will be done prior to delivery.  We will provide your vehicle to the shipper in new shape and the shipper will acknowledge the condition of your new vehicle.  Any mechanical problems after delivery should be addressed by your local dealership to administer warranty repairs.  All new vehicles come with new vehicle warranty unless otherwise specified.  See respective manufacturer for the requirements and coverage of the warranty.  New vehicles are also covered by lemon laws.  Contact your new vehicle’s manufacturer for information and process to file a claim.  If defect is cosmetic, it happened in route to you.  Make sure the shipper acknowledges the damage.  If you don’t, you will likely be out of luck.  We will work with the shipper to get you payment to repair any damage they acknowledge.  For preowned and demonstrator vehicles, information will be clearly described in the product description.  Remember, you own the vehicle once it leaves our possession.   If you don’t agree to the above, don’t purchase from us.  If you need clarification, read below, or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Will Daily Auto Sales tell us how many units are for sale?

No. It is usually a lot though.


How do I create a Daily Auto Sales account?

Scroll up to the top of this page and click "Start here."

What payment options do I have?

Products for sale will either require full payment or a deposit.  Most parts and accessories will require full payment and most vehicles will require only a deposit.  Some exceptions may occur.  You can pay for full payment items and the deposit on deposit only items by Paypal.  If you have a credit card, use Paypal.  If you have a check, deposit it in Paypal, then pay us with Paypal.  See the pattern, we only accept Paypal online.  So on the deposit only items, how do we get the rest of the money?  Here is where all the options are.  We accept cashiers checks or certified funds (once cleared); bank or credit union drafts; bank wire – we will provide you with wire instructions after you purchase (our accounts are US based).  Once you purchase, it’s your job to get the money, however, we probably know more people at the banks than you do.  In fact, unless you are a CEO of a bank, we definitely know more people who can loan you money than you do.  We also get some of the lowest rates because we originate as many loans as we sell cars.  So, we have to call you to arrange signing of all the paperwork (see below) that is customary with purchasing a vehicle.  We will ask you if you need help financing.  If you do, we will need information that is necessary to process your loan request.  This will be subject to our privacy policy.  In a nutshell, we will only use this info to get you a loan, nothing else.  We may present you with a lot, some, none, or one financing offer.  As is typical to receiving a car loan, we may require certain information such as proof of residence (utility bills, cell phone bills), references (people you know), proof of income (bank statements, W2’s, paystubs, 1099s, etc.), proof of insurance, or other info customary with obtaining financing for an auto.

What are my shipping options?

We will arrange shipping whether it is included or you pay for it.  We will use carriers of our choosing that do the best job for us and you.  In some cases, you will have the option to pick up your vehicle or other item.

How can I track my order?

If we ship UPS, FedEx, DHL, or similar carrier, you will receive tracking information by email.  If it is a vehicle, we will communicate with you about the method of shipment and information about the carrier who can track your vehicle’s delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we like to keep things simple.

I'll take them all, what is my discount?

We already give you the wholesale discount by buying just one.  Your discount is the discount for one times the number you purchase.

I'm a wholesaler.  Can I buy from you in bulk?

Yes, but you will pay what everyone else pays and you will be purchasing “retail”  We title all vehicles.  We do not provide open MSO’s. 

What is a new vehicle?

A new vehicle is any vehicle for which the purchaser will be the first owner.  It is untitled and will have an open MSO at the time of sale.  It will have less than 75 miles unless otherwise described in the product description.  From time to time we will sell demonstrator vehicles in which mileage will be listed.  For preowned vehicles, autocheck will be available and title will be clean unless otherwise mentioned. 

What about those hidden fees?  How much will I really pay?

Taxation without representation!  Throw the tea in the harbor.  No, we’re just kidding, but (1) tax is extra.  There’s sales tax.  It’s 6% in Florida and most of our vehicles come from Florida.  If your state tax is more, you may have to pay it when your vehicle is registered.  If your state is reciprocal, you may be entitled to a refund.  It is your responsibility to know your state’s laws.  We will provide you all the info we can but the ultimate responsibility is yours.  There is also a battery tax and a tire tax currently $1.50 per battery and $1.00 per tire.  Subject to change without notice.  Tax is not included in your purchase price.  (2) We will register your vehicle and get you a tag unless your state precludes us from doing so in which case you will be responsible for this task.  99% of the time we can do it for you and prefer to do it for you so we know it is done right.  There is a file charge of between $37.50 and $57.50 which is not included in your purchase price.  Furthermore, you can file for a new tag or a transfer tag.  We will add $280 to your purchase in either case and place it in an escrow account.  Typically, transfer tags are about $85 and new tags are approximately $220, but depend on you and your vehicle.  The difference between the $280 we place in escrow and the actual cost of your registration and tag will be promptly refunded back to you which is standard practice in the retail auto industry.  (3) Finally, a documentation fee will be added.  We call it this because the law says we have to.  This fee will not exceed $599.99 but will be different for different makes and models depending on the retail outlet we use to administer the transaction.  This fee covers all the paperwork and manpower it takes to consummate your transaction, full detail prior to shipping, preparation over and above factory authorized preparation, handling charge, and other charges all lumped into one flat fee.  If you don’t agree to the above, don’t buy from us.  It’s that simple.  But you just… can’t… resist… our… prices!


Buying a Vehicle


If I buy a vehicle, what is the process?

So this is the cool, super secret, special sauce that nobody else has figured out yet but Daily Auto Sales.  (1) You do all of your homework, then you stumble upon our site and find exactly what you are looking for, click I Want One, and put down a deposit on our daily auto sale.  Now What?  (2) Now we have your basic info, email, phone, name, address, and some of your cash.  We will call you and email you within 2 business days (usually sooner since the next batch of buyers is right behind you) to finish the transaction.  So why are we calling you?  Because there is some paperwork you need to sign and we want to get paid for the balance of the money due to us.  We will ask you how you intend to pay for the auto per our payment options section above.  (3) We will also send a package of paperwork to a notary near you.  We will ask you all the information we need to fill out this paperwork properly and on the first time.  All of the paperwork is standard practice for retail auto sales and is not exclusive to this website.  The notary will typically be mobile and will be able to visit you at your residence or other agreed upon place of meeting.  In certain cases, you may need to travel to your notary to sign the paperwork.  We will not make you travel unreasonable distances because we are here to make this easy for you, right?  Why a Notary?  Well, we have to make sure you are you.  Well, that’s the notary’s job and to watch you sign the paperwork.  That’s all.  Plus, we like the word notary.  If we are able to extend you financing for your purchase, there will be more paperwork, but we will get into that after you purchase.  It depends on the bank, but it is all customary to retail auto purchase.  Standard stuff.  (4) Next, the notary will send us back the paperwork and Daily Auto Sales or one of our affiliates will accept the paperwork and you will own the car of your dreams (The one you purchased).  (5) We will prepare the vehicle for shipping from our warehouse.  (6) Pass it off to the shipper in tip top shape and send you the contact details of the shipping company and estimated delivery date.  We will do our best to get your vehicle to you in a timely manner.  (7) Your vehicle gets delivered to you.  (8) You rant and rave about how awesome Daily Auto Sales is to all of your friends and they buy cars from us.  The end.


What is that paperwork you talk about?

Everything is customary.  You aren’t signing away your first born or anything like that.  This is paperwork used in some form or another by thousands of dealerships across the country.  So here we go:  You will need to sign all of the state’s required forms from the state in which we sell the vehicle.  Right now, all vehicles sell from Florida, but they may not in the future.  You will need to sign the Application for Title, the Motor Vehicle Title Reassignment Supplement, and an insurance affidavit for the state in which you are registering the vehicle.  If there are other state forms that are unique to your state, those forms will also be necessary.  You can search your state’s website and Florida’s website for copies of the forms.  You will need to sign a retail buyer’s order.  Read carefully.  This is an example buyer’s order but language will be substantially the same and University Dodge is kind enough to donate a version of theirs to us at Daily Auto Sales.  You will need to sign that there is nothing else owed by us to you.  You know there isn’t, but you need to tell us.  You will need to sign a New or Transfer Registration form substantially the same as this one.  Other State Required forms are the LAW forms (7001-06-FL & 82053) which pertain to Vehicle Air Pollution & Control, Title Payoff and Guarantee / Guarantee of Title, Power of Attorney, Odometer Disclosure, Bailment Agreement for vehicle spot delivery.  You will need to sign that we did our job telling you about the vehicle’s features.  We will do the best job we can, but read these forms.  No matter what, you will need to sign this because the manufacturer requires it.  What Bullies.  See them here (New Vehicle Delivery Checksheet & Delivery Summary).  You will need to sign a Warranty Arbitration form and an Arbitration Addendum.  You will have to supply and hold a 50 states driver’s license.  You will have to sign that we provided you with a lemon law guide.  We will provide it to you in the package for signature and it is also available online.  Search for it.  You will need to pass an OFAC check and Red Flag requirements.  You cannot be a part of the manufacturer’s designated no sale lists for export activities.  You will know if you are on this list, because you exported vehicles you were not supposed to.  Don’t buy from us if you export new vehicles.  If you do not agree to sign the above documentation or if you do not agree to follow our process, then do not buy from us.  If you buy our vehicles with a deposit and you are unable to meet the above requirements (how could you!), we reserve the right to keep your deposit as liquidated damages.  We can’t offer low prices if we get stiffed with inventory when we only offer (1) type of vehicle for sale per day.  Jeez!

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